Source: Belize International Airport

The Government of Belize with support from the National Oversight Committee has extended the State of Emergency for Belize for up to 60 days. During this time, Belize’s borders remain closed to visitors and Belizean nationals as per SI 65.

SI 65, 18. states, “(1) All ports of entry into and exit out of Belize are closed. (2) Every person entering or exiting Belize illegally commits an offence and, in addition to the imposition of mandatory quarantine, is liable to imprisonment for three months.”

SI 65, 19. further states “(1) No Belizean shall be allowed entry through any port of entry unless that Belizean– (a) is returning from abroad with proof of having received urgent medical care; (b) is required to be in Belize to assist health officials in Belize in urgent medical situations. And that person shall be subject to mandatory quarantine.”

The Attorney General has stated that this extension may not last the entire time. Should there be any further developments as it relates to international travel to and from Belize, we will update on our site.

Kindly direct questions regarding airline tickets to Belize to the respective carrier. Also, questions regarding quarantine measures can be directed the Ministry of Health.