///Air Canada To Resume Service And Increase Capacity To Key Destinations in South America

Air Canada To Resume Service And Increase Capacity To Key Destinations in South America

Source: Air Canada

  • Montreal to São Paulo restarts; increases to daily flights from Toronto
  • Montreal to Bogotá resumes; Toronto service moves up to four flights per week
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina to be served via São Paulo four times per week
  • Toronto to Santiago, Chile restarts in January with three weekly flights

Air Canada today announced an increase in service to several key South American destinations as the airline continues to rebuild its global network from its Toronto and Montreal hubs. Service to São Paulo, Brazil will resume from Montreal on December 8 with four flights per week on a year-round basis, while service from Toronto to Brazil’s financial centre will increase to daily flights as of December 6. São Paulo will be served by Air Canada’s flagship Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Service from Montreal to Bogotá, Colombia is set to resume on December 2 with three weekly flights, while flights from Toronto to Bogotá will increase to four per week as of November 7, all operated on an Airbus A330-300. Flights to Bogotá will allow customers to easily connect onward throughout Colombia and other South American destinations via Star Alliance partner Avianca.

Air Canada also remains committed to serving Buenos Aires, Argentina, with flights offered to either Toronto or Montreal via São Paulo. The flights to Argentina, which has announced plans to reopen to international tourists as of November 1, are still pending government approval.

Another key South American destination will rejoin Air Canada’s network in January 2022 with the resumption of service between Toronto and Santiago, Chile, with three weekly flights.

“We are very excited to serve some of the largest cities in South America, offering our customers more travel options from our main hubs. By resuming services from Montreal and adding capacity from Toronto, Air Canada is demonstrating its strong commitment to the Brazilian, Argentinian, Colombian and Chilean markets. This increased presence will not only allow for greater leisure travel, but it will also help spur the economic recovery and facilitate business connections. Air Canada has a long-standing presence in Brazil, operating from Toronto for several decades, contributing to the strong business relationship between the two countries,” said Mark Galardo, Senior Vice President, Network Planning and Revenue Management at Air Canada.


São Paulo

Flight From Departure To Arrival Frequency Start Date
AC 90 Toronto 22:55 São Paulo 10:50 Daily December 6
AC 91 São Paulo 20:45 Toronto 05:00
AC 96 Montreal 21:50 São Paulo 09:50 Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun December 8
AC 97 São Paulo 21:45 Montreal 06:00 Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat December 9

Buenos Aires

Flight From Departure To Arrival Frequency Start Date
AC96 São Paulo 11:50 Buenos
14:50 Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat December 10
AC97 Buenos Aires 17:05 São
19:45 Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat December 10


Flight From Departure To Arrival Frequency Start Date
AC94 Toronto 21:35 Bogotá 03:35 Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun November 7
AC95 Bogotá 08:35 Toronto 14:35 Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat November 7
AC 98 Montreal 21:05 Bogotá 03:35 Mon, Thu, Sat December 2
AC 99 Bogotá 08:35 Montreal 14:45 Tue, Fri, Sun December 3


Flight From Departure To Arrival Frequency Start Date
AC92 Toronto 22:55 Santiago 11:15 Tue, Fri, Sun January 11, 2022
AC93 Santiago 20:55 Toronto 05:25 Mon, Wed, Sat January 12, 2022
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