Source: Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways announced the launch of its new organizational structure, the amendment being in line with the vision and strategy of the company until the year 2030. This launch of the organizational structure emanates from the Board of Directors in improving the system of internal procedures, strengthening, developing, and encouraging competencies, in addition to working towards developing customer experience. The organization of the structure was based on systematic research for a period of about 12 months, to keep pace with the best international standards related to developing human resources and increasing productivity.

In this regard, Kuwait Airways Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Maen Razouqi stated, “The organization of the new structure of Kuwait Airways will contribute effectively to reaching the objectives of the company that it seeks to achieve.  The organization is in implementation of the decision of the Board of Directors in January 2023 and is within the framework of the strategic plan established and approved until 2030 to improve as well as develop the entire system, provide the best services to our valued customers, reduce costs, in addition to increasing revenues through expansion to new and profitable destinations, along with strategic partnerships with airlines globally.”

Razouqi added, “The organizational structure has prompted an increase in the percentage of leaders and supervisory positions from national talents to about 86% of personnel with experience and creativity on whom we rely on in the path towards the progress and achievements of Kuwait Airways.”

On his part, Kuwait Airways’ Chief Support Officer, Mr. Mohammad Al-Fawaz stated, “The new organizational structure is the result of the efforts of the Board of Directors and the Executive Management since 2022. It is also the continuation of a series of successive achievements by Kuwait Airways over the past two years to ensure continued growth and advancement for the Blue Bird. The organizational structure was launched to achieve business integration, eliminate the lack of productivity, and increase the link between the departments and their employees.”

Al-Fawaz said, “The launch of the organizational structure is a means to achieve increase in productivity by more than 20%, and a reduction in non-operational costs to about 30% in the next two years, through the efficiency of KAC’s employees and their expertise in creating ideas, innovations, in addition to a healthy and appropriate work environment, leading to the desired objectives and accomplishments that we aspire to achieve.”

Al-Fawaz emphasized that the privileges for the supervisory positions and leaders would remain without any bias to their entitlements.

Razouqi concluded by saying, “This is a positive and important step in the professional life of our employees. The new organizational structure will define tasks and responsibilities, distributing them impartially and professionally, in addition to linking departments and employees to achieve the highest benefit.”