ACI-LAC Airport Traffic to August and 2020 Projections


Source: ACI-LAC


The passenger traffic in August 2020 at airports in Latin America and the Caribbean was 75.8% below the same month in 2019. The cumulative traffic from the beginning of 2020 (January-August) was 58.3% lower than the corresponding period the previous year.


ACI expects passenger traffic in 2020 to close between 60% and 70% below 2019, representing a loss of up to 480 million passengers, depending on when governments decide to allow the resumption of air transport and the COVID-19 measures implemented. ACI recommends governments that rather than quarantines, which kill demand, robust testing programs are a far better option.


The severe reduction in passenger traffic will have a significant impact on airport economics. ACI expects 2020 airport revenues to decline by at least 6.5 billion US dollars.


There is a significant level of uncertainty surrounding the recovery trajectory with passenger traffic volumes expected to reach 2019 levels by 2023 or 2024, depending on the balance of international and domestic traffic. Domestic traffic is expected to recover faster than international traffic.

Evolution of passenger traffic at airports in Latin America and the Caribbean 2020/2019

January 4.72%

February 7.33%

March -37.09%

April -94.96%

May -94.87%

June -89.47%

July -81.67%

August -75.75%

January-August -58.27%