Boeing Donates $2 Million to Support Hurricane Ian Recovery and Relief Efforts

Source: Boeing Support for the Florida Disaster Relief Fund, American Red Cross, and others will provide immediate assistance and resources in affected Florida communities Boeing is committing $2 million to assist with on the ground disaster recovery and relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, the company announced. This includes a $750,000 donation to the Volunteer Florida Foundation, the state's lead agency for volunteer and national service that directly manages the Florida Disaster Relief fund. "The destruction left behind in the wake of Hurricane Ian is devastating and heartbreaking. Our thoughts go out to our colleagues and all those impacted by the storms," said David Calhoun, Boeing president and CEO. "Boeing and our teammates stand ready to support the people [...]

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Boeing Delivers on 100th 737-800 BCF Order to AerCap

Source: Boeing AerCap Cargo was the first BCF customer and is the largest lessor of the 737-800BCF AerCap Cargo Head: E-Commerce growth fuels increased demand for 737-800BCF Boeing has more than 250 orders and commitments from over 20 customers Boeing and AerCap today announced the milestone delivery of the 100th contracted 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighter (BCF) to the world's largest lessor, AerCap. The 100th 737-800BCF was converted at Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services Co. Ltd., (BSAS), home to the first 737-800BCF conversion line. AerCap Cargo has leased the aircraft to GOL Linhas Aéreas, as part of the growth strategy and logistics solution of GOLLOG, GOL´s logistics business unit. GOL will operate the freighter for a Latin American e-commerce company. "We are delighted to be [...]

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Embraer announces investment in XMobots, a reference company in the development of mobile robotics and drones

Source: Embraer Embraer has announced the signing of an investment agreement to acquire a minority shareholding in XMobots, the largest drone company in Latin America with operations in São Carlos, in the countryside of São Paulo. The transaction will be made via an investment fund in which Embraer is the sole partner, with an additional investment option in the future. The conclusion is subject to accomplishment conditions and obtaining the usual approvals for this type of transaction. The deal aims to accelerate the future of the medium and large autonomous drone market and jointly explore new market niches. It also seeks to expand the collaboration network in the research of new technologies that have synergies within the areas of technological [...]

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Boeing and Wisk Unveil Concept of Operations for Urban Air Mobility

Source: Boeing Automated and uncrewed aircraft are key to realizing Urban Air Mobility vision Planes would take off and land at 'vertiports' where passengers wait to board Boeing and its joint venture partner Wisk today released a roadmap for transitioning to a future where automated and uncrewed aircraft can safely carry passengers and cargo in urban and suburban areas. The concept of operations lays out the technology, regulatory and social recommendations needed to deploy Urban Air Mobility (UAM) in the United States and integrate it into the national airspace system. "We're working to enable a future of aerospace that is safe, sustainable and at scale. Uncrewed operations will be fundamental to realizing that vision, and we have to exceed the current [...]

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REGENT Completes World’s First All-Electric Seaglider Flight Unlocking a New Era of Maritime Mobility

Source: REGENT REGENT’s electric seaglider achieved its first series of flights, proving its full ‘float, foil, fly’ mission—making it the first craft to take off from a controlled hydrofoil to wing-borne flight With orders totaling over $7B, REGENT will commercialize seagliders for sustainable high-speed, regional mobility with first passengers boarding in 2025 Watch the video: https://regent.link/flightvideo REGENT, the company pioneering the electric seaglider for sustainable high-speed maritime travel, has announced that its seaglider technology demonstrator completed its first successful series of flights in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island. The REGENT seaglider is the first-ever vehicle to successfully utilize three modes of maritime operation—floating, foiling and flying—marking a major step forward in maritime transportation. “This is the next great moment in the history [...]

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Airbus extends collaboration with Ecocopter for urban air mobility services in Chile, Ecuador and Peru

Source: Airbus Airbus and Ecocopter have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to start collaborating on the launch of urban air mobility services across various countries in Latin America. This is a major step toward the co-creation of a functioning urban air mobility ecosystem in the region. With this agreement, the partners will explore and define launch scenarios for air mobility operations, notably in Ecuador, Chile and Peru. This includes joint activities to develop UAM operations over the continent, as well as ways to target first use cases and pilot cities and regions. This partnership is an expansion of the manufacturer’s strong relationship with Ecocopter, who operates a fleet primarily comprised of Airbus helicopters for aerial work missions in a variety [...]

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Airbus’ Commercial Aircraft figures

Source: Airbus Airbus' commercial aircraft orders and deliveries for the month of August 2022 have been published on airbus.com.August 2022 deliveries: 39 deliveries to 22 customers August 2022 orders: 0 2022 deliveries to date: 382 deliveries to 62 customers. The net year to date delivery number of 380 reflects a reduction of 2 deliveries recorded in December 2021 (2 A350-900 AEROFLOT) for which a transfer was not possible due to international sanctions. A300/A310 A220/A320 A330/A340/A350 A380 Total Total orders 816 17,396 3,055 251 21,518 Total deliveries 816 10,697 2,415 251 14,179 Aircraft in fleet 283 10,047 2,158 239 12,727  

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Lufthansa Group Receives First 787 Dreamliner

Source: Lufthansa Europe's largest airline group takes delivery of first of 32 787s it has on order 787 Dreamliner key for Lufthansa Group fleet modernization program and sustainability efforts Boeing and the Lufthansa Group today celebrated the delivery of the first 787 Dreamliner, a 787-9, to Europe's largest airline group at Paine Field, Everett, Wash. The Lufthansa Group has 32 firm orders for the 787 and joins nearly 50 customers worldwide in operating the industry's most fuel efficient and capable airplane. Boeing designed the 787 family with superior efficiency, which allows airlines to profitably open new routes and fly people directly where they want to go in exceptional comfort. Using 25% less fuel and creating 25% fewer emissions than the [...]

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Boeing Announces UPS Purchase of Eight Additional 767s

Source: Boeing Incremental order will increase global carrier's 767-300 Freighter fleet above 100 aircraft New airplanes support sustainability efforts Boeing announced an order from UPS for eight more 767 Freighters. The incremental order will increase UPS's 767 Freighter fleet to 108 airplanes, enabling the global carrier to further modernize and sustainably grow its fleet. "The additional 767s will help us continue to deliver what matters to UPS customers around the world. This is a very versatile aircraft that we operate across every region of the globe," said UPS Executive Vice President and President U.S. Nando Cesarone. "With these aircraft, our fleet will continue to be among the most modern in our industry, meeting our customers' needs while improving our efficiency, [...]

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Boeing Takes New Role to Help Cut Aviation Emissions Faster

Source: Boeing Company to serve as 'aviation sector champion' in global sustainability alliance Aviation sustainability expert Robert Boyd joins Boeing Boeing will represent the aviation sector in a global alliance, jointly established by the US Government and World Economic Forum to accelerate clean technologies and reduce carbon emissions. The First Movers Coalition (FMC) was created in late 2021 to leverage the purchasing power of major companies to speed up the pace of decarbonizing industrial sectors such as shipping, chemicals and trucking. Boeing, a founding member of the coalition, will serve as the 'champion' for the aviation sector. As part of its new role, Boeing commits to supporting greater commercialization of sustainable aviation fuels and advancing other low-carbon technologies. Scaling up [...]

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