Coulson Aviation and the Argentina’s province of Santiago del Estero sign deal to purchase 737 Fireliner™

Source: Coulson Aviation Coulson Aviation USA is proud to announce the sale of one of its Boeing 737 FIRELINER™ Large Airtankers to the Provincia de Santiago del Estero, Argentina. The B737 FIRELINER™ is the only Large Airtanker in the world that can transport passengers and its multirole capability will be fully utilized by the Santiago del Estero province while not conducting airtanker operations. “Our 737 FIRELINER’s continue to solidify their pole position of the jet-powered Large Airtanker fleet worldwide”, said Britton Coulson, President of Aviation. The B737 FIRELINER™ is the newest Generation of Large Airtanker and the first to be FAA Certified to do both firefighting and passenger transport. The FIRELINER™ packs 15,150 litres of fluid with unmatched performance in [...]

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Chile announces changes in its “Plan de Fronteras Protegidas” (Protected Borders Plan) that sets out entry conditions to the South American country but requirements remain extreme for those vaccinated in the European Union

Source: Chilean Ministry of Health and ALA News "Plan de Fronteras Protegidas" maintains the obligation of a health insurance contract for US$30,000 that must cover medical care for Covid-19, to enter the South American country Impediments persist for the validation of vaccines for those who have received them in any Member State of the European Union The Minister of Health Maria Begona Yarza, together with the undersecretaries of Public Health and Healthcare Networks, Cristobal Cuadrado and Fernando Araos, respectively; and the head of Epidemiology, Christian Garcia, announced modifications and presented the details contained in the official document of the plan "We Keep Taking Care of Ourselves, Step by Step" In the core and that affects non-residents who travel to Chile [...]

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Cirium names December as busiest month for air travel globally in 2021; over 59,000 flights are cancelled near year-end, the most in a decade

Source: Cirium Cirium’s On-Time Performance Review 2021 reveals December as the busiest month in 2021 for flights flown globally – a total of 2.43 million. Cirium’s On-Time Performance Review 2021 reveals December as the busiest month in 2021 for flights flown globally – a total of 2.43 million Over 59,240 flights have been canceled globally from December 24 to January 3 – the most flight cancelations in December for the past decade 20,500 of these flight cancelations happened over the first three days of the new year The big four US airlines canceled a total of nearly 7,040 flights between December 24 and January 3 American Airlines flew the most flights in 2021 at around 1,850,050 Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport [...]

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Delta Air Lines named as the world’s best performing airline of 2021; All Nippon Airways as the most on-time globally

Source: Cirium Cirium releases the 2021 On-Time Performance Review for airline and airport operational performance featuring a new Platinum Award for operational excellence. Cirium released its annual On-Time Performance Review 2021, the global standard for airline and airport performance Delta Air Lines is recognized for Operational Excellence in 2021 Airlines globally operated nearly 25 million flights in 2021, a 10% increase from 2020, but still down 36% compared to 2019 Spanish IAG carriers, Vueling, Iberia Express and Iberia, take three of the top five spots in Europe Tokyo’s Haneda Airport is the world’s most on-time airport In Latin America, Copa Airlines is making a strong recovery and operating its expanding flight schedules at a very high level of on-time performance [...]

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Tourism ministers of Colombia, Brazil and Ecuador commit to explore a joint initiative to foster regional cooperation

Source: ALTA This collaboration would focus on a new joint product showcasing the region from coast to coast, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, aimed at the long-haul traveler. It would anticipate new post-pandemic trends, emphasizing sustainability, innovation and a novel approach to air connectivity The ministerial panel held during the ALTA Airline Leaders Forum in Bogota on October 26, 2021 has generated a transcendent initiative. The debate focused on the role of tourism as a driver of economic recovery, as well as on the most appropriate tools to drive innovation, sustainability and adequately meet the needs of post-pandemic travelers. Within the framework of this session, the ministers of tourism of Colombia, Brazil and Ecuador have agreed to explore a [...]

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After 5 years of construction and an investment of US$1 billion, Terminal 2 of Santiago de Chile’s International Airport (SCL) is now ready

Source: Infrastructure Policy Council With the new Terminal 2, Santiago de Chile's International Airport will double its capacity from 15 to 30 million passengers per year, with first-rate facilities of more than 200 thousand square metres. It will consist of a “central processor” building where passengers arrive to document their flight and the departure of those who arrive; from there they will be distributed to 4 breakwaters with last waiting rooms with direct corridors to the planes that quadruple from 18 to 67, with a total of 76 boarding gates. The previous terminal, now called Terminal 1, will be completely remodeled and will be used for domestic flights; although it will be interconnected with the new International Terminal. Both terminals [...]

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UK: Vaccination programme accelerated as Step 4 is paused

Source: UK Prime Minister’s Office Step 4 will be delayed by up to four weeks and the vaccination programme accelerated to respond to the rapid spread of the Delta variant, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed. Step 4 of the Roadmap paused for four weeks while vaccination programme is accelerated following significant rise in more transmissible variant Second dose brought forward to 8 weeks for over 40s to provide strongest protection against Delta variant sooner Restrictions to be lifted on weddings and wakes on 21 June By 19 July, all adults will have been offered a first dose and around two thirds of all adults will have been offered two doses of the vaccine. Data suggests that the Delta variant [...]

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Chile and Greece sign important Air Services Agreement

By Jeff Peet, Managing Editor, ALA News. In the context of long-standing economic-trade relations of great importance for both Chile and Greece, both countries signed an Air Services Agreement at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Athens that will further consolidate bilateral ties. On the Greek side, the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Konstantinos Fragkogiannis, participated and on behalf of Chile, the Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic and concurrent in Cyprus, Ximena Ares. "This agreement reinforces a very fluid bilateral relationship and will allow the promotion of greater economic cooperation between both countries, facilitating the exchange of tourists and weekly flights between Santiago and Athens," said Ambassador Ares. The agreement establishes a modern and dynamic legal framework, which will result [...]

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Government Protect Canadian Air Travellers, Jobs, and Airline Sector

Source: Department of Finance of Canada In a country as vast as Canada, it is essential we maintain connections between people and our communities. To that end, today the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, the Honourable Chrystia Freeland, and the Minister of Transport, the Honourable Omar Alghabra, announced financial support for Air Canada. As a condition to receiving this support, Air Canada will ensure that: Regional communities retain air connections to the rest of Canada through the restart of service at airports temporarily suspended by Air Canada; Any customer of Air Canada who wants a refund will receive one for certain pandemic-related cancelations; Airline jobs, pensions, and collective agreements are protected; and Air Canada remains a customer for Canada’s aerospace sector. [...]

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Details of Financial Support to Air Canada

Source: Department of Finance of Canada Backgrounder The government's financial support to Air Canada is being provided under the Large Employer Emergency Financing Facility (LEEFF). The Canada Enterprise Emergency Funding Corporation (CEEFC) has committed to provide $4 billion in repayable loans and an equity investment in Air Canada of $500 million in newly-issued Class B Voting Shares at a 15 per cent discount to their recent trading price. CEEFC will also receive warrants on Air Canada stock in an amount equal to 10 per cent of the loan commitments (CEEFC's news release contains detailed information regarding the warrants). As a condition of its agreement with CEEFC, Air Canada has made a number of commitments as outlined below. Refunds for Canadians The agreement with [...]

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