RTX’s Pratt & Whitney announces North American Technology Accelerator

Source: Pratt & Whitney Second center of excellence to advance MRO technologies and performance (MRO Americas) Pratt & Whitney, an RTX business, announced details of its North American Technology Accelerator (NATA), a commercial and military aftermarket operations center of excellence based in Florida. The NATA will have dedicated floor space, equipment and resources for the development and industrialization of technology insertion programs that will support the company's global maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) network. The accelerator projects in Florida are primarily focused on material restoration and process automation including advanced repairs, digital inspection, adaptive processing, and coating and masking for compressor and fan parts, blades, cases, and more. The benefits of these technologies will reduce cost, material demand, and environmental [...]

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Biometrics Holds the Key to Smarter Digital Travel

Source: SITA New SITA white paper highlights how biometric-driven IT solutions are being successfully rolled out around the world    In 1930, there were only around 6 000 passengers travelling by air. By 1934, this had risen to just under 500,000*. Fast-forward to 2019 and it had exploded to 4 billion travelers. In fact the International Air Transport Association (IATA) projects 8 billion air travelersannually by 2040. The demand for air-travel is booming. To prepare for this, 425 major construction projects (worth around US$450 billion) were already put underway at existing global airports. The industry also invested in 225 new airport projects in 2022, according to the Centre for Aviation. Bricks and mortar infrastructure is only part of the solution [...]

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Another Important Milestone in H55’s Path to Product Certification

Source: H55 After already having accepted its compliance check list for its battery Packs and energy management systems, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency has now approved the company's Compliance Check List for its electric propulsion motor and motor controller. This achievement follows closely on the heels of H55's previous success in gaining approval for its battery packs and energy management systems. These two significant achievements positions H55 as the first company to satisfy all certification requirements for the entire EPS which includes the motor, motor controller, battery modules and energy management systems. These certifications are tailored for general aviation and commuter applications with the first set of systems being integrated into certified flight trainers which will soon enter the [...]

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RTX’s Pratt & Whitney Canada unveils high voltage bidirectional mobile charging unit for hybrid-electric flight demonstrator

Source: Pratt & Whitney Canada Charger sets a new standard for supporting high voltage systems  Pratt & Whitney Canada today announced the development of an advanced mobile charging unit (MCU) capable of charging high-power batteries at up to 1500 volts, making it compatible with Megawatt Charging System standards the industry is advancing for high voltage power applications. Pratt & Whitney is an RTX (NYSE: RTX) business. The MCU was developed in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and the Innovative Vehicle Institute (IVI) as part of the RTX hybrid-electric flight demonstrator project. "This is the latest example of our hybrid-electric flight demonstrator project, driving collaboration and innovation within Canada's aerospace ecosystem to enable a more sustainable future [...]

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Swissport appointed Frank Dobbelsteijn as Global Head of Operations

Source: Swissport Frank Dobbelsteijn joined Swissport International AG on 1 January 2024 as Global Head of Operations. In his former role as Vice President for the Heathrow operation of Menzies Aviation and other senior roles in the aviation and logistics sector, he gained the frontline operational experience and the managerial credentials for this key position on Swissport’s Global Management team. Swissport appointed Frank Dobbelsteijn as Global Head of Operations. With over 30 years of experience in several senior roles in the aviation and logistics sectors in Europe and the United States, Frank brings a wealth of expertise to his new role at Swissport. He will be responsible for aligning the company’s operational priorities with the overall strategic goals, while ensuring [...]

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Swissport receives ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security

Source: Swissport Swissport International, the global leader in airport ground services and air cargo handling, has been awarded the internationally recognized ISO 27001 certification, demonstrating its commitment to the highest standards of information security. Swissport International has been certified by the global certification body BSI (British Standards Institution) for the successful implementation of an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS) in line with the global ISO 27001 standard. The certification underscores the company’s dedication to safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. Swissport’s ISMS is based on the highest information security standards. It protects data assets from a wide range of threats and enhances the resilience of the company’s global operations. "A large part of [...]

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Stefan Schaffner and Sergiy Nevstruyev appointed to lead SITA’s Airports and Customer Experience Teams

Source: SITA  SITA today announced the appointments of Stefan Schaffner as Senior Vice President of SITA AT AIRPORTS and Sergiy Nevstruyev as Senior Vice President of SITA Global Services (SGS). The two bring a wealth of management experience in the travel, transport, and mobility technologies sectors to SITA. With SITA's presence in more than 1,000 airports globally, Stefan is responsible for transforming SITA's Airport portfolio to meet a growing demand for digitalization and automation. Prior to joining SITA, he was responsible for preparing Touchless Biometric Systems AG (TBS) for global rollout as its CEO, driving geographical expansion and building international partnerships and investor relations. Sergiy will oversee the daily management of SITA's critical infrastructure for around 2,500 airline, airport, ground [...]

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SITA Ewas helps SWISS avoid turbulence

Source: SITA The multi-feed weather awareness application will be used on all SWISS aircraft SITA eWAS is now deployed across all Swiss International Air Lines' (SWISS) fleet to enable its pilots to anticipate and avoid adverse weather conditions, like turbulence. SITA eWAS is the only digital weather awareness application on the market today that aggregates multiple weather sources for greater accuracy and reliability in weather forecasts. More and more airlines are opting for electronic weather awareness solutions to help pilots better plan and avoid severe weather. Avoiding adverse weather conditions like turbulence maximizes safety on board, demonstrating the importance of real-time weather information and turbulence detection in-flight. Today's onboard weather radar cannot detect clear-air turbulence. The turbulence forecast in the [...]

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Honolulu Airport selects SITA Smart Path for biometric-enabled U.S. exit

Source: SITA  Biometric exit at Honolulu Airport is now operational and available to all international airlines Honolulu's Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL) has become the latest airport in the United States (U.S.) to adopt SITA's biometric-enabled SITA Smart Path to support U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in fulfilling its congressional mandate for biometric passenger screening on exit from the U.S. SITA has implemented 54 face pods across Terminals 1 and 2 which are available to all international passengers. The technology provides travelers with a touchless process that further secures and streamlines international departures. If a traveler cannot be matched to a photo on record through Biometric Exit or chooses to opt out of the process, the traveler will proceed [...]

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SITA partners with Versa Networks to deliver a tailor-made secure SD-WAN solution built for the Air Transport Industry

Source: SITA SITA Connect Go harnesses SITA's industry experience, coupled with the leading SD-WAN technology and best-in-class network security from Versa SITA announced a new partnership with Versa Networks, the recognized secure access service edge (SASE) leader, that will launch SITA Connect Go, a multi-tenant edge Secure SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) solution designed specifically for the air transport industry. The new partnership combines the best of both companies into a single solution. SITA has its roots in providing connectivity to the air transport industry and has for decades remained a leader in providing cutting-edge connectivity to airlines and airports. Versa Networks, a US-based enterprise, has rapidly emerged as a market leader in SASE and Secure SD-WAN, with Gartner rating [...]

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