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Achievements of Air Transportation in Colombia in 2020

By Juan Carlos Salazar, Director General of Civil Aviation de Colombia.   The impact of the fall in demand generated by COVID-19, added to the air restrictions and quarantines with mobility restriction in Colombia observed as of March 2020, evidenced a sharp drop in the operational figures of passenger movement and cargo. The above, dramatically changed the growth trend that was seen in previous decades; The historical evolution of traffic and the sustained growth trend of the last several years, which in 2019 made it possible to move more than 41.2 million passengers through the different airports in Colombia, with a growth above 9%.   Passenger Movement   When making an analysis of the monthly passenger movement , it is [...]

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2021: A clean slate?

By Jose Ricardo Botelho, Executive Director and CEO of ALTA   We have reached one and a half months of the long-awaited 2021. A year full of hopes with the beginning of the COVID-19 vaccines global distribution and prospects of recovering step by step in-person activities after a 2020 with human and economic losses, as well as a heavily impacted aviation industry.   According to ICAO data, in 2020 there was a 50% overall reduction in seats offered by airlines around the world vs. 2019, and a 60% reduction in passenger traffic with 2.69 billion fewer passengers from 2019.   In our region, we estimate a 59.2% reduction in passenger traffic vs. 2019, totaling 177.3 million passengers carried in the [...]

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ALTA sends a message of confidence to the industry

ALTA sends a message of confidence to the industry   By José Ricardo Botelho   We are going through a situation that has significantly impacted the behavior of passengers. An X-ray of this thesis is shown in the surveys carried out by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in 11 markets: In February 2020 almost 100% of passengers were willing to travel, in April 61%, in June the 45%.   However, at this time we know that with the protocols established by the ICAO Council for Aviation Recovery (CART), the probability of infection in flight is 1 in 4300. According to IATA studies, the air in an airplane cabin is eight times better than that of a supermarket.   All [...]

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Innovative technology solutions and business process automation, can prove to be great allies in the battle of airlines to reduce cost and improve performance after recovering from the COVID-19 initial shock

Innovative technology solutions and business process automation, can prove to be great allies in the battle of airlines to reduce cost and improve performance after recovering from the COVID-19 initial shock   By Angelos Astrinidis, CEO, iteam S.A. – Technology for Business*   The entire world is facing extreme and stressful circumstances and aviation is at the top of the list of the affected industries. According to IATA, the first recovery phase will require significant government relief measures, combined with cost cutting efforts by airlines, so that they can stand on their feet again and gradually start reforming their business in the post-COVID19 era.   We all realize it is going to be really tough but on the other hand, [...]

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Recovery as a Goal

Recovery as a Goal   By José Ricardo Botelho   We live in extraordinary times, which inevitably require extraordinary efforts. The team at the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA) is aware of this and therefore, since the beginning of the pandemic, our immediate priority has been to support our members to remain viable during this crisis and to collaborate with the authorities of the region, in the implementation of efficient and articulated mechanisms for the reactivation of air transport.   All the players in the aviation industry have worked day and night, to keep aviation alive, considering the great bridge between countries it represents. Maintaining this active link required the industry to adopt the ICAO CART document [...]

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Emerging Technologies and the Future of Aviation Training Post COVID-19

Emerging Technologies and the Future of Aviation Training Post COVID-19 By Triant Flouris, 11 August 2020.   The air transportation industry is expected to double in the next twenty years with forecasts projecting more than 8,2 billion passenger transactions by 2037. This continuous growth inevitably creates unprecedented systemic challenges in terms of equipment (ex. aircraft), infrastructure (ex. airports) and processes (ex. ground service activities). Because of the projected growth, the aviation industry must invest in emerging technologies (ex. Artificial Intelligence-AI, Data Analytics, and Process Automation) creating a seamless journey for passengers, and cargo, while concurrently reducing its environmental footprint.   Given the organic interplay of systems and humans that characterize an aviation ecosystem, further pressure will be exerted on aviation [...]

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The biggest crisis of the commercial aviation in our time

By Exequiel Sanhueza, May 17, 2020. In the history of humanity, the population has been plagued by various epidemics and pandemics; some with greater consequences than others, but always leaving a high percentage of mortality. Also, there have been other types of crisis, such as the oil crisis in October 1973 generated as a result of Israel's war against Egypt and Syria; the financial crisis of October 1987, the day the most important stock markets in the world collapsed; the crisis of July 1997 that produced the demise of the Asian miracle; the terrorist attacks in the United States of September 11, 2001, which changed our way of flying; and finally and most recently, the crisis of September 2008 when, [...]

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Life after the Corona

"The problem with the Corona Crisis is that the future is no longer, as it used to be." Once the virus corona crisis is over, the world will no longer be the same place as it used to be. The reasons for this are multiples. The Corona primarily influenced the fear of citizens for health and existential needs, primarily in the supply of products for everyday needs, and to protect health from corona infections.   How did countries deal with? We see that different countries in the world have varied in terms of measures to protect the spread of the virus, but more or less all countries have faced a lack of necessities for everyday needs, especially products for the [...]

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