Source: ALTA

Member airlines from the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association held their Annual General Meeting today and the new Executive Committee President was elected: Roberto Alvo, CEO of LATAM Airlines, whose position will be effective today, October 24, 2021, and for a period of one year.

Alvo is a civil engineer graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He has an MBA from the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland. He joined LAN Airlines (current LATAM Airlines Group) in November 2001. Before taking up his current position, he served as Commercial Vice President, as Senior Vice President for International and Alliances, as Director of Administration and Finance at LAN Argentina, Manager of Development and Financial Planning of LAN Airlines and as Deputy Finance Manager of LAN Airlines.

“I am pleased to welcome on board as ALTA’s Executive Committee President Roberto Alvo, CEO of LATAM Airlines, who has been serving as ALTA’s Executive Committee Vice President since 2020. Roberto is an extraordinary leader and has always been a great supporter of ALTA. I am confident that this flight that takes off today will be full of positive initiatives for the association, the industry and our region”, said José Ricardo Botelho, ALTA’s Executive Director & CEO.

“I am very honored by the position I am assuming at ALTA. The times we are living with a pandemic that is not over yet and an accelerated climate change demand important responsibility from us. I am convinced that collaborative work between all of us who are part of the aeronautical industry will allow us to seek solutions that lead us to be more sustainable in the long term. We have a strategic role as an industry and my commitment is to help go in that direction”, said Roberto Alvo, CEO of LATAM Airlines and President of ALTA Executive Committee.

“On behalf of ALTA, I would like to express our deep appreciation to Pedro Heilbron, President of Copa Airlines, for his support, commitment and leadership during his presidency at ALTA. We faced together the most acute crisis in the history of aviation, the change of executive director at ALTA, the transformation of the team and the execution of a work plan to adapt us to the new needs of the industry. At all times the association had his support, guidance and leadership”, Botelho added.

ALTA is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1980 to support the growth of airlines in Latin America and Caribbean. After 41 years, it has become the industry-wide association advocating for safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly aviation. By coordinating the collaborative efforts of its member airlines, ALTA works to ensure that the aviation industry generates social and economic development in the region, through jobs, tourism and contribution to multiple industries that contribute to GDP growth in the countries of the region. ALTA currently has more than 114 active members and partners, agreements to carry out training in different countries in the region, and working committees focused on safety, maintenance, technical purchasing and procurement, fraud prevention, environment, aeropolitical affairs, fuel and charges.