Source: Aeromexico

Aeromexico flight No. 401 departed from Mexico City to Hong Kong. As a result of the global pandemic, Aeromexico has deployed its talent and infrastructure to operate flights exclusively for cargo shipping.

Since then and to date, Mexico’s global airline has transported 10,297 tons to 18 countries in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. These operations represent a record for the company and totaled nearly 11 million kilometers, equivalent to 270 trips around the world.

As part of the cargo transported were: 7,000 tons of medical supplies, 43.5 tons of vaccines, and 46 tons of the active ingredient for vaccines’ production in Mexico.

“These 401 exclusive cargo charter flights are a milestone for Aeromexico’s and our country’s history. They have been the result of the coordination and determination of those who are part of to this great family, of the Mexican Government, and the different countries and companies that have trusted in our capacity and the highest safety standards applied to every flight and every kilo of cargo using a modern, efficient and environmentally-friendly fleet,” said Alejandro Mendez, Aeromexico’s Cargo, Senior Vice President.

The first exclusive cargo flight was to Frankfurt, Germany, a landmark for Mexico’s airline industry, highlighting:

    • Hand in hand with the Government of Mexico, the airline performed 25 exclusive cargo flights on the Mexico-China air bridge, where the first operation was completed with the Missionary of Peace, one of Aeromexico’s 19 Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft named after having carried Pope Francis in 2016.
    • The longest nonstop flights in the history of Mexican aviation were performed. The first operated from Shenzhen, China, to Mexico City and traveled more than 14,000 kilometers. The second departed from Hong Kong also to the country’s capital with nearly 14,200 kilometers.
    • Eight Aeromexico Dreamliners crossed the Pacific Ocean simultaneously during the cargo-only flights to and from China.
    • Aeromexico operated in airports where it had never flown before, such as Aruba, Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza, Hong Kong, Moscow, Porto Alegre, Shenzhen, Winnipeg, Wuhan, among others.Aeromexico Cargo can serve in more than 35 airports in Mexico and multiple international destinations in the USA, Canada, Central and South America, Asia, and Europe. The most common cargo is perishable goods, live animals, high-value goods, technology, pharmaceuticals, and medical supplies, among others.