Source: Iberia


  • Result of an agreement with the Chamber of Commerce of A Coruña and the City Council
  • Since mid-November Iberia goes from 14 to 20 weekly frequencies
  • In addition, it will make three weekly overnight stays in A Coruña, which will allow it to fly to Madrid first thing in the morning and return on the same day


Iberia has reached an agreement with the Chamber of Commerce and the A Coruña City Council to increase its frequencies on the route to Madrid for at least three months, starting in mid-November.


The airline will go from 14 to 20 weekly flights that will cover all time slots and with departures from A Coruña to Madrid at 06:30, 13:35, 17:40 and 21:40, depending on the day of the week. This significantly improves connectivity, since in Madrid customers will be able to continue to more than 70 other Iberia destinations in Europe and America.


“Since mid-November, it increases from 14 to 20 weekly frequencies between A Coruña and Madrid”


Furthermore, several days a week the Iberia planes and crews will spend the night in Alvedro, which will allow them to leave for Madrid first thing in the morning; specifically, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On those days the first flight will take off from A Coruña at 06:30 in the morning and it will be possible to return from Madrid at 7:40 pm, arriving in Alvedro at 9:00 pm.


Support for corporate travel


In a context of the necessary reactivation of business activity, this increase in Iberia flights and the new schedules will allow professionals and businessmen to resume their corporate trips and make them more efficient. “Our support for companies is total; For the recovery we are convinced that we must invest and bet and we hope that, after these three months of increased flights in A Coruña, there will be demand to increase capacity even more”, said Víctor Moneo, Director of Institutional Agreements.


For the Coruña Chamber of Commerce “The achievement of the improvements obtained is excellent news that positions and strengthens the Alvedro airport, avoiding the loss of business and tourist competitiveness that was occurring to date. It is a matter of special economic and social importance in which we understand that there must be a general consensus of the political and social actors of A Coruña.


We would like to expressly thank Iberia for its commitment to A Coruña, a commitment that is endorsed with this decision, reinforcing the historical link that unites it with our city, having chosen A Coruña for this pilot experience among all possible cities in a similar situation. . We also appreciate the facilities provided in the negotiation and realization of these new lines.


Equally important is the receptivity of the Council to this just business claim, with which it has been identified and in which it has collaborated and promoted from the very beginning when the Chamber presented the overwhelming request of the companies. It is also worth noting the receptivity and consensus of the Port Authority, which together with the Council and the Chamber, the governing bodies of the Tourism Consortium. In short, institutional consensus in record time, which the Chamber appreciates ”.


From the City Council they have also stated that “we appreciate and value the importance of Iberia’s commitment to the Alvedro airport, which shows the economic and tourist potential of A Coruña. For this reason, we agreed with the Chamber of Commerce, seeking the maximum consensus in the Tourism Consortium, to promote this initiative with an outstanding investment in line with the permanent commitment of our Mayor with the strategic needs of A Coruña.