Source: IAMA


IAMA, the Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance is expanding its successful advocacy and support services to serve the business aviation industry.


“After a successful year advocating for the commercial aircraft retrofit industry, we strongly believe that business aircraft modifiers, owners and operators will also benefit from our programs, and new initiatives targeted at their specific needs,” said Nicole Noack, managing director of IAMA. “IAMA-endorsed STC solutions help to reassure owners and operators that their modification will be of the highest quality, while also providing for adequate after-sales support and ease of aircraft transfer.”


Since its launch in early 2020, IAMA developed its Rulebook which details high-quality standards for commercial aircraft modifications achieved through Supplemental Type Certificates (STC). The online resource, specifically designed to provide consistent, reliable results, directs aircraft modifiers on how to deliver superior quality service over the entire aircraft modification lifecycle. IAMA endorsed STC-approved solutions ensure that effective modernizations meet aircraft operator and owner needs.


Equipped with concrete knowledge and a team of subject matter experts, IAMA provides educational content and practical guidance for the latest modification trends. The alliance offers its members a platform which covers a wide range of topics from aircraft de-modification to considerations for After-Sales service. Furthermore, IAMA pursues solutions to improve the cross-border transferability of aircraft with approved STCs, as well as cooperating with OEMs to ensure fair and predictable access to approved data.


Like their commercial counterparts, business aviation stakeholders can benefit from the alliance’s services through a basic, advisory, or full membership. IAMA also offers a free subscription for owners and operators, allowing complimentary access to standard and educational content.