Source: ACI-LAC

Airports Council International Latin America and the Caribbean welcomes Cirium, a global aviation data and analytics company, as a new Regular World Business Partners (WBP) member.

Cirium helps aviation and air travel businesses to accelerate their digital transformation using data and analytics. Customers include airports, airlines, travel companies, aircraft manufacturers, and financial insitutions.

With airprots, easy access to industry data advances decision-making, improves planning  and is used to imporve the traveler experience at the airport.

Cirium has a strong focus on technology, as part of RELX, a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for business and professional clients,

Dr. Rafael Echevarne, Director General at ACI-LAC, comments “We are pleased to welcome Cirium as a new WBP Regular member of ACI-LAC. As the oldest, largest and most complete provider of aviation data, I am confident that this membership will be of mutual benefit and will allow us to strengthen the development of the aviation industry in the region.”

“Cirium appreciates the opportyunity to join ACI-LAC as a member. Being part of the regional organization expands our relationship with ACI globally and allows us to focus on the incredibly dynamic Latin American market.” stated Cirium CEO, Jeremy Bowen.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Director of Business Development and Cirium’s representative with ACI-LAC added, “We see the collaboration with ACI-LAC as a key piece to building a stronger airport system in the region. This is crucial now more than ever as the industry looks to recover from the impact of COVID-19, as well as to the advancing need to improve the traveler experience.”

ACI-LAC welcomes Cirium as its newest addition to its 270+ members to continue to support the development of the airport industry.