Source: APTUR

First, to Influence and participate in the reactivation of tourism in Chile, through the revaluation of the tourist communicator as a key professional who informs, educates, advises and promotes the design and implementation of tourism as a sustainable development tool for the country with a decentralized and inclusive approach; secondly, to strengthen the skills and competencies of its associates, in matters that the global world of tourism needs, with digital transformation as the central tool, connecting them with networks within Chile and at the Ibero-American level, as a way to open up horizons to undertake, work and generate sustainable businesses and collaborative; and thirdly to contribute to the communication of tourism as a vital sector, are the pillars that define the new board of directors that has been elected, to lead the Association of Tourism Journalists APTUR Chile, for the period 2021-2023.

The journalist and new president of the association, Dalma Diaz, indicated that “we are at a time when reactivating the industry needs accurate and timely information; based on objective evidence and with clear arguments for decision-making and the construction of a public-private governance that truly considers and respects tourism as the axis of production and sustainable action that it is. That helps boosting the national economy respecting identities, communities and the natural resources of the territories that make up the country, and strengthens the pride and singularities of the offer that, finally, is what travelers and tourists look for and that will allow to recover the thousands of jobs that our industry lost to the pandemic.”

APTUR seeks to be in this process doing what it knows best and to be present from north to south of Chile, co-creating with the participation of our partners and those organizations that are committed to a reorganization of tourism as a  decentralized, inclusive and sustainable sector. For this reason, the board of directors has members not only from Santiago, the Chilean capital, but from other regions of the country. Men and women with outstanding professional careers who will work for the revaluation of the role played by the journalist, communicator and all media specialized in tourism within the Chilean and Latin American tourism value chain.

The newly elected board will also focus so that APTUR partners strengthen their effective integration in it, with an emphasis on digital transformation, preparing themselves to actively assume the role that tourism demands today and the new way of managing and promoting destinations, where they see they can contribute as communication specialists.

The Association of Tourism Journalists of Chile, APTUR Chile, brings together most of the journalists and communicators specialized in tourism in the country, with a presence throughout the national territory. Founded on October 16, 1986, it has a history of outstanding tourism communication professionals and a mark articulating leadership in promoting Chile as a destination, connecting it through alliances with peers around the globe, among which the Ibero-American Forum FIPETUR stands out.

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