Source: Goldair

Malaysia Airlines, the national carrier of Malaysia, is pleased to announce that it has appointed Goldair as its General Sales Agent (GSA) in Greece.

The strategic partnership is designed to increase recognition of Malaysia Airlines in Greece and to steer sales growth throughout the Greek Market with a particular focus on marine travel, signaling further expansion of MAB’s sales presence and representation in Europe.

Goldair is one of the largest and most esteemed organisations in the field of transport and tourism in the Greek Market. The GSA’s role is to build MAB’s strong position in Greece by conducting efficient and strategic commercial activities to establish and reinforce MAB’s brand awareness in the local market, while focusing on maximising revenues from ticket sales through the Greek Market and encouraging trade partners to select and use Malaysia Airlines as a first-choice airline.

Malaysia Airlines Regional Director for UK & Europe, Daniel Bainbridge, said: “The Greek market has proven to be a significant contributor to the Malaysian hospitality global network and we are confident that with Goldair’s extensive regional expertise, Malaysia Airlines will further grow its market share in the country while fostering Malaysian hospitality throughout.”

Goldair Deputy Managing Director, Nikos Sofiadis, said: “The beginning of our new partnership between Malaysia Airlines and Goldair is a significant milestone for our GSA and we are incredibly proud to partner with such a reputable and highly esteemed airline. We look forward to expanding Malaysia Airline’s presence in Greece and we will work closely together to fully maximise Malaysian hospitality’s product and network potential.”