Source: ICAO

The Edward Warner Award, acknowledged as the highest honour in the world of civil aviation, was posthumously conferred by the ICAO Council on Dr. Ángela Marina Donato of Argentina.

Named in honour of the first President of the ICAO Council, Dr Edward Warner, the award is bestowed, in the form of a gold medal, on an individual or institution, in recognition of outstanding achievements in international civil aviation.

Dr. Donato was selected in light of her eminent contributions to the development of international civil aviation throughout her career, and for serving as a beacon of ambition and accomplishment to several generations of women pursuing aviation careers.

The award ceremony took place on the opening day of ICAO’s 41st triennial Assembly and was led by the current President of the ICAO Council, Mr. Salvatore Sciacchitano.

President Sciacchitano highlighted Dr. Donato’s leadership roles as the Undersecretary of Commercial Air Transport of Argentina; Director of the Air Transport Bureau of ICAO; Secretary of the Latin American Civil Aviation Commission; and Secretary General of the Latin American Association of Air and Space Law.

Dr. Donato devoted her life to cultivating expertise in multiple aviation fields, and to training several generations of specialists. This prolific work led ICAO and the International Aviation Women’s Association to recognize her in 2014 as one of the 70 most outstanding women in world aviation history.

The award was accepted by Mr. Sebastian Donato, a family member of the late Dr. Donato.