Source: ALTA

With close to 70 years of experience, Goldair Airline Services is one of the longest-standing General Sales Agents (GSAs) in Europe, representing today more than 25 airlines in the Passenger & Cargo sectors through the provision of a full range of marketing, commercial, and operations services to promote them in the Greek market.

Today the company joins the Latin America and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA) to contribute to further developing the sales of Latin American airlines in Europe.

“Goldair is continuously expanding, and the company is currently looking to partner with operators in Latin America and the Caribbean and contribute to their growth and development as well as promote their brand awareness in foreign markets. We are very pleased to welcome the Goldair Airline Services team and work together in this new growth path for Latin American and Caribbean aviation. This is a region with huge potential, especially in terms of air connectivity to Europe,” comments José Ricardo Botelho, ALTA’s Executive Director and CEO.

“Throughout the industry’s greatest crisis, Goldair continued its hard work to provide airlines with world-class services and support. We look forward to expanding to other markets and regions to partner with more world-class airlines. We are eager to offer our world-class services to the Latin American and Caribbean markets. Our main objective is to promote airline brand awareness in Greece with the objective of sales optimization mainly through the marine traffic channel, as more than 21,5% of the global commercial fleet is owned and managed by Greek Shipowners who, in their turn, issue all air tickets for crew changes through our market. We are confident that we can advance the business strategies of global and expanding companies from Latin America and the Caribbean. Becoming a member of ALTA is a major step forward in that direction,” said Nikos Sofiadis, Deputy Managing Director of Goldair.

Goldair Airline Services, a member of the Goldair Group, is one of the largest Travel and Transport Organizations in Greece as it is also active in Ground Handling, International Forwarding and Logistics, as well as Rail Transportation, with approximately 5,000 employees and operations in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, India, and Switzerland.

Goldair’s ESG commitments

People at Goldair Airline Services are the driving force for the achievement of its strategic goals, as well as its success and development. The Company maintains an excellent work environment by providing opportunities for education, continuous growth, benefits and open dialogue. One key aspect is the adoption and implementation of the Employee Code of Conduct, the Internal Workplace Regulations, as well as corporate principles, which are followed by everyone and serve as a basis for the smooth operation of the Company.

Goldair Airlines Services aims to minimize the adverse effect on the environment and to conserve natural resources, systematically monitoring and analyzing the possible environmental effects that may arise from its business operations. To this end, reducing energy consumption and responsible waste management are the Company’s top environmental priorities in all its operations. In addition and beyond complying with the applicable legislation and regulations, the company has adopted best practices related to its area of business and embraced global initiatives, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Company’s Environmental Policy reflects the Management’s Commitment and the principles according to which it operates.

The aim is to reduce its environmental footprint by implementing actions and programs at all the airports where Goldair Airlines Services operates. The guiding principle is prevention, which involves recycling materials, continuously raising employees’ awareness, and working closely with stakeholders. In the interest of full compliance with Regulations and the effective development of communication channels with its stakeholders, the Company submits environmental reports to the Airport Authorities annually.