Source: ACI Europe

ACI EUROPE today condemned the decision by the caretaker Dutch Government to pursue a capacity reduction at Amsterdam Schiphol airport to 452.500 aircraft movement as of Winter 2024, and also expressed concerns regarding the conditions under which a ‘temporary’ capacity reduction to 460.000 aircraft movement will be implemented as of Summer 2024.

Olivier Jankovec, Director General of ACI EUROPE said: “The outcome of the Balanced Approach process for noise management conducted for the capacity reduction at Schiphol as of Winter 2024 – as duly required under EU law – is just not acceptable. Indeed, the caretaker Dutch Government has not sufficiently considered proposed alternative measures that would have allowed the stated noise mitigation targets to be achieved without requiring a capacity reduction at Schiphol. Moreover, while the decision to temporarily reduce capacity as of Summer 2024 will provide much-needed legal certainty, it has been taken without conducting the Balanced Approach process.”

Jankovec added: “These decisions are about quick political wins ahead of national elections – at the expense of the Dutch economy and jobs. We are calling upon the European Commission to urgently ensure the respect of the Balance Approach principles as per EU law.”