Source: ALPA

*Not for navigational use*

Beginning Saturday, September 9, 2023, Runway 6L/24R at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) will be closed for 120 days as Phase 3 of the North Airfield Exit Taxiway (NAET) project continues to move forward. The project will rehabilitate a sizable portion of pavement on Runway 6L/24R, reconstruct the first third of Runway 24L, and most notably construct four new exit taxiways (two for exiting Runway 24R and two for exiting Runway 6L).

Construction activities and runway closures will create significant operational challenges for the foreseeable future.

As a result of this construction, Runway 24L will be used for both departing and arriving aircraft during the closure of Runway 24R.

Flight crews are encouraged to:

  • Thoroughly review all authorized instrument approach procedures to Runway 24L, as they may be unfamiliar since this runway is primarily used for departing aircraft during normal operations.
  • Check NOTAMs for current navaid outages and adjusted approach minima as construction cranes east of the airport may impact some instrument procedures.

Please be aware that some aircraft that normally depart from the closest runway complex may be taxied to the farther runway complex based on their assigned SID direction during high traffic volume periods or when traffic management initiatives, such as flow restrictions (miles in trail), are in effect for these departures.

Flight crews should also note that the only available CAT II/III approach/runway at LAX during this closure will be Runway 25L. Ontario International Airport (ONT), located approximately 41 nautical miles east of LAX is the closest alternate airport with a CAT II/III approach (Runway 26L) and is often used by air carriers as an alternate when forecast weather conditions permit.

If aircraft performance safely allows, the LAX air traffic control tower requests that aircraft have Taxiway E8 intersection data loaded when departing Runway 24L. This may provide added flexibility to depart from taxiways E8, V, and E7 when aircraft holding short at the full length are not ready for takeoff or are awaiting a flow time.

Please report any observed safety hazards, events, or concerns by filing an ASAP/SMS report.