Source: IAMA

The release of IAMA Rulebook Version 4 is paving the way for the alliance’s members to address minor modifications and have them endorsed. One of the most significant updates to the alliance’s Standard, this latest, is designed to increase the availability of endorsed modifications. Why is it important? Let’s take a look.

“We are constantly evaluating and improving the Rulebook, to foster transparency and ensure better outcomes for independent modifiers and their clients,” explained Romain Mbwang Seppoh, Eclipse Global Connectivity’s Head of Design Organization and Head of IAMA’s Standard Working Group. “We want to provide a wider application of the IAMA Standard so that any type-change an operator might need can be completed with an IAMA-endorsed project. It’s worth noting that minor modifications and STCs can cover large projects like a cabin retrofit or smaller ones like a software upgrade, constituting a significant portion of a fleet’s modification requirements.”

Before this update, IAMA endorsements were for modifications classified as major changes. Applying the IAMA Standard quality to upgrades classified as minor will increase the availability of high-quality endorsed modifications.

“From the beginning, the alliance recognized that applying the Standard should not unduly increase the work needed to achieve an IAMA endorsement,” said Nina Schulz, IAMA managing director. “With the rules now aligned to scale with the full range of modification projects, modifiers and airlines can now entirely understand the scope of a modification in advance. The result is more predictable and risk-averse project management.”

Other significant adjustments in Rulebook V4 include new rules for ICAs and Supplements and the introduction of scalability. Technical publications are essential for maintaining and operating the modified aircraft. Through ongoing consultations with stakeholders, it came to light that it would be beneficial for modifier-created documentation to be similar in format to that of the OEMs. Addressing the need, the Standard Working Group developed rules to ensure that IAMA modifier and client expectations will be aligned and met. Allowing the rules to accommodate a wide range of modifications will enable members to apply the Standard regardless of the project size and certification path.

“Our ongoing mission is to continuously evaluate and improve the IAMA standard through consultations with various stakeholders and aviation authorities,” Ian Devine explained. “We are extremely pleased with the recent updates to Rulebook version four, providing the latest Standard and handling this critical marketplace need. These updated rules will further support our mission to encourage transparency in independent modification projects. This is designed to support better outcomes for modifiers and their clients.”

The IAMA Rulebook is available to members, airlines and lessors. Becoming a member is simple. Visit to learn more.