Source: ATR

ATR congratulates US carrier Silver Airways on its five-year anniversary of ATR operations. With its fleet of 8 46-seater ATR 42-600 and 6 70 seat ATR 72s, Silver has been transforming regional air travel over the past five years by offering reliable direct flights with superior passenger experience to short and medium-haul leisure and business destinations for the people of Southeastern US, the Bahamas and the Caribbean.  The state-of-the art ATR-600 series has been transformational for Silver Airways providing passengers with an aircraft specifically designed for short-haul markets and with the same customer amenities and comfort of larger jetliners. It has enabled Silver to expand its offering by opening up new destinations, giving customers even more choice to meet their connection needs in a quick and reliable manner, whilst also saving on fuel and emissions compared to a similar sized jet.

Five Years in Numbers 

Since 2019 Silver Airways has operated its fleet of 14 ATR aircraft to carry more than 2.1 million passengers to 38 destinations, amounting 76,000 flight hours. Over five years the carrier has opened 29 new routes offering passengers more direct, quicker connections to both domestic and international markets.