By José Ricardo Botelho, Ejecutivo Director and CEO of ALTA

Welcome to Flying Over Latin America and the Caribbean. In this edition, we embark on a flight with the CEO of Privilege Style, a leading Spanish charter and ACMI company.

Set with a clear vision and ambitious goals, Privilege Style is projecting itself into the future with a solid strategic plan. Its main goal is to continue providing a superior quality service, both in the ACMI field (continuous operations with airlines such as Iberojet, Air Europa, World2fly, Surinam or Condor) as well as in Ad Hoc flights. Within this context, Paco will tell us how ad hoc aviation emerges as an adaptable response to the specific needs of each client. As a tailored suit, capable of adjusting to any demand, from the carry of sports teams in Mexico to assistance in an emergency, such as extinguishing a fire in Chile.

Privilege Style’s flexibility and experience make it a potential partner for Latin American companies aiming to expand their operations in an increasingly complex and demanding market.

We invite you to read the interview with Paco Vives, where you will learn about the essence of the company, its plans for the future and its vision on the potential of the Latin American region.

Fasten your seat belts, we are ready for take-off.

1 – What is the history of Privilege Style?

Our company, Privilege Style, was born in 2003 when José Manuel Álvarez, founder and current owner of the company, decided to realize a dream he had had during all his years working in aviation: to found a company where you could fly in a commercial aircraft, having the advantages of a jet.

The company was named Privilege Style and started its activity with a B757. The clear focus on training a highly qualified technical team to provide the best service and a constant commitment to safety, renewal and maintenance of the fleet, have made Privilege Style always able to stand out in the ad hoc aviation market.

Since its inception, Privilege Style has had the pleasure of flying accompanied by customers, personalities, and institutions of first level in Europe and we have been fortunate to carry numerous sports teams, accompanying them in the achievement of great victories. Furthermore, we have often been able to help in more unfortunate situations, such as the Prestige shipwreck or the pandemic where the flexibility of our operations has allowed us to organize ourselves in a short time and join forces to provide solutions.

Today, we continue to specialize in the organization of tailored private flights with a complete tailoring of services.

2 – What are the company’s goals for the next 5 years?

Privilege Style’s goal is to continue to provide a quality service, both in the ACMI (wet lease) and Ad Hoc flights, keeping customer satisfaction as the core of our strategy.

Moreover, we will continue to renew our fleet and develop a moderate and sustainable growth in Europe. Simultaneously, we aim to extend our services to other markets, including Latin America and the Caribbean, where we have a smaller presence, but we feel very close to them given the cultural ties that connect us.

3 – What is a Spanish airline’s assessment of the Latin American region?

Latin America is undoubtedly an opportunity for us to consolidate a new market.

As a Spanish flag carrier, with a 20-year experience in the sector and rooted in the European market, we want to be able to provide our services to flag carriers in Latin American countries in order to bring them solutions both in the long term (ACMI) and in the short term, for potential operating issues they may face and/or to set up charter and “ad hoc” flights where we can provide them with our wings.

4 – How is its fleet composed and what are its growth prospects?

During 2023 Privilege Style significantly renewed its fleet, adding an A321 with a 230-seat setup and an A330-200 with a 20-seat layout in Business Class, with fully reclining seats, and 255 seats in Economy Class. These two new additions join two existing ones: an A321 with a 214-seat setup and a B777-200ER with a total of 315 seats (33 seats in Business Class and 282 in Economy Class). That is, a total of 4 aircraft: 2 single-aisle (A321) and two twin-aisle (A330 and B777).

5 – What sets Privilege Style apart?

At Privilege Style we have been working for over 20 years creating each flight experience in a unique way, focusing on the customer. What our customers value most is:

  • Versatility: we have a variety of fleet covering any market need, while we customize the aircraft for our customers, both in image and in catering and on-board service;
  • Flexibility: we are a company capable of reacting immediately and satisfactorily to our customers’ needs;
  • Reliability: our operation meets the highest operating standards. Moreover, by relying on Empty Leg, an air broker member of the same group, we are able, when necessary, to provide solutions beyond the Privilege Style operation itself;
  • Team: this is undoubtedly our main asset. We have a team of over 300 professionals in love with aviation and totally committed to the operations we carry out in order to achieve maximum rigor and excellence;
  • Price: We keep an exhaustive control of costs, which allows us to apply very competitive prices for all the operations we carry out.

6 – You have been an ALTA member for 5 years, what has your experience been like?

Privilege Style is a member of several associations, including ALTA. We especially value ALTA for being a very active association that brings great benefits to its members. At Privilege Style it is a little more difficult for us to benefit from all of them because our operations in Latin America and the Caribbean have historically been more limited compared to Europe.

As members of the aviation community, we are undoubtedly proud to be part of an association that actively works towards a more competitive, efficient and sustainable aviation and contributes to economic development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

7 – Europe is the second largest extra-regional market for LAC, what connectivity possibilities does Privilege Style provide?

As a company that provides ACMI and ad hoc services, we do not have a network of regular operations within Europe, but we could certainly be a powerful partner for any LAC company to expand its operations in Europe.