Source: Edmonton International Airport YEG

Are you looking for the perfect souvenir from Edmonton to take on your travels? Edmonton International Airport (YEG) has an exciting new option, exclusively available at the airport! Our brand-new Snow Vending Machine has been added to our expansive retail options to help you shop, dine and relax at YEG.

Every bottle of snow is filled with perfectly packed snowflakes sourced from the latest snowfalls in our region. No two snowflakes are alike. For instance, take home a piece of history with limited-edition snow from the recent record-breaking cold snap in January. This snow is guaranteed to have been -45°C at one point.

Wow your friends with this unique souvenir! Imagine the look on people’s faces who have never seen real snow before! Open a bottle and sprinkle the snowflakes to create the magic of a fresh snowfall. Or keep a bottle in the freezer and feel much ‘cooler’ having a piece of the Great White North.

“Each year, an average of 123 cm of snow falls at YEG, and we usually just pile it in a corner for our CEO to toboggan on. But this year, we thought hey, why don’t we do something to make EVERYONE happy,” said Jack Frost, Winter Operations Expert.

There’s snow for everyone. Fresh flakes for corporate clients, pre-made snowballs for the kids and hard-packed snow for the outdoor enthusiast. The snow is sustainably sourced from the land surrounding the airport, including roads, runways and tarmacs. Our winter operations team keeps our airport pristine throughout the snowy months to ensure the safety of aircraft and passengers. It warms our hearts to know we are creating an authentic winter experience for people around the world. After all, it’s important to share the joy of -45°C with those who have never experienced it!

So, what are you waiting for? For a limited time, book your flight at YEG and receive a complimentary bottle of snow. To learn more about YEG’s new Snow Vending Machine, visit

*YEG cannot guarantee that your purchase of YEG Snow will survive the flight home. YEG holds no liability for your YEG Snow becoming YEG Water. Please do not consume your YEG Snow if it is any colour other than white, especially yellow.*