Source: Turkish Airlines

Aiming to provide its passengers with a travel experience beyond their dreams, Turkish Airlines has revamped its sleeping sets designed for long-haul flights.

Elevating Turkish hospitality to new heights, Turkish Airlines has introduced a new sleeping set that combines elegant designs with comfort. This new set prioritizes home-like comfort and warmth, aiming to offer a superior sleeping environment and an unmatched flight experience on transatlantic flights.

The standout piece of the collection, the silk-light duvet, offers a unique sleeping experience with its velvet suede fabric surface and iconic Turkish Airlines’ FLOW pattern in light colors, creating a sense of freshness. The ergonomic mattress pad, designed to provide bed-like comfort onboard, complements the cabin’s color scheme and contributes to a relaxing sleep concept. Additionally, the welcome pillow, designed for a pleasant start to the flight, features a satin accessory and the FLOW pattern, serving as a complementary piece to the sleeping set.

By introducing the new set and increasing sleeping comfort, Turkish Airlines continues to meet the needs and expectations of its passengers.