Source: Edmonton International Airport (YEG)

  • Edmonton International Airport welcomes up to 50,000 bees to the Airport City Sustainability Campus

Edmonton International Airport (YEG) has welcomed new partners to airport lands, and these ones also have wings! One honey bee hive and two BeeHomes for wild bees have been added to the offerings at YEG’s Airport City Sustainability Campus. At the height of the season, the hive will contain up to 50,000 bees!

“Biodiversity thrives where bees buzz, and their pollination supports overall ecological richness. Our bee hive program at YEG will empower our natural ecosystem, contribute to our sustainability goals and foster a healthy environment,” said Marion Chivot-Legris, Director, ESG and Sustainability Strategy, Edmonton International Airport (YEG).

Bees are an important pollinator and are essential when it comes to food security. As pollinators, bees play an important role in all aspects of the ecosystem, however, the welfare and number of bees worldwide are in decline due to various threats, including climate change. Through pollination, bees are responsible for one-third of our food production, and YEG is taking steps to bring awareness and support to the local wild bee populations. YEG will also receive 100 jars of honey as part of the program.

Thanks to a partnership with Alvéole – a Certified B Corporation – and the Alberta Beekeepers Commission, this project will help YEG to promote biodiversity and work toward a greener future.

“By integrating a bee program into YEG’s innovative sustainability practices, we aim to enhance biodiversity and raise awareness about the critical role bees play in our ecosystem. Edmonton International Airport’s forward-thinking approach to environmental stewardship aligns perfectly with our mission to foster connection between people and nature. Together, we’re bringing a greater environmental awareness to the broader community while supporting wild bee populations,” said Alex McLean, CEO, Alvéole.

“Honey bees provide a key ecosystem service, contributing to food biosecurity and biodiversity. In Alberta, 173 beekeepers carefully manage over 300,000 honey bee colonies that directly contribute to valuable pollination activities while at the same time producing over 33 million pounds of pure, local Alberta honey a year, making Alberta the largest honey producing province in Canada. Through partnerships with organisations like YEG, the ABC is able to continue to support the Alberta beekeeping industry to ensure we create an environment where bees and their keepers thrive,” commented Connie Phillips, Executive Director, Alberta Beekeepers Commission (ABC)

As part of Pollinator Week 2024, YEG is proud to be doing its part to explore tangible initiatives to support biodiversity around the airport and raise awareness of environmental issues. To learn more about YEG’s ESG commitment, please visit