Source: TIACA

  • The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) concluded its fifth regional event, the TIACA Event Central Asia held June 19-21 in Astana, Kazakhstan, with a path forward to support Kazakhstan as it seeks to develop as a global air cargo hub.

TIACA’s first event in Central Asia, held in Astana, brought together nearly 400 delegates from across the industry to discuss issues that affect the Central Asian air cargo market and gave insight into how to develop Kazakhstan as a global air cargo hub. Topics such as, eCommerce, multimodal logistics, air cargo trends, innovation and digitalization, sustainability and industry regulations were addressed.

The event kicked off with a meeting between the Minister of Transport of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Marat Karabayev, Catalin Radu, Director General, Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan, Nurzhan Malayev, Director , Passenger and Cargo Facilitation, AAK, Glyn Hughes, Director General The International Air Cargo Association, and Steven Polmans, Chair, The International Air Cargo Association.

They discussed the future of Kazakhstan as an air cargo hub and the need for efficient borders that facilitated cargo movements, including the growth of ecommerce. They discussed how Kazakhstan is uniquely placed as the only country that could provide effective rail / air links between China and Europe and how best to develop this opportunity. They also spoke about Kazakhstan developing its economy beyond oil and mineral based extraction and how this could help establish a vibrant multi-tiered economy across the region.  The Minister then welcomed all delegates to the event with a message promoting the growth of the economy through a clear central vision and plan.

Event delegates bore witness to over ten MoU signing’s supporting the promotion and growth of the Kazakhstan air cargo market, as well as participating in two days of lively discussions, debate and informative sessions as well as networking opportunities throughout the event graciously sponsored by the event hosts, the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan.

“This event brought to light the important role that Kazakhstan has to play within the industry, and we are delighted to help promote their growth as an air cargo hub. We are pleased to see the success of these events continue as we develop our membership and reach into these regions. We thank our hosts for their strong support in making this event so successful.” Stated Steven Polmans, Chair, TIACA

TIACAs regional events are designed to identify specific issues on a regional level that TIACA can incorporate into our overall work on behalf of the industry. Each regional event will develop an action plan that will be incorporated into TIACA’s strategic objectives and activities.

“There is a strategic goal, supported by our president and prime minister, to position Kazakhstan as an air cargo hub due to our favorable geographic location, historical context (Silk Way) and available resources. Our collaboration with The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA), the number one global air cargo industry association, will address challenges and set the agenda for Kazakhstan’s emergence as a regional hub,” Catalin Radu, Director General of Aviation administration of Kazakhstan said.

“The conference program included a strong presence of diverse industry experts that displayed key knowledge and experience that will help drive the region forward as an air cargo hub. We look forward to supporting Kazakhstan in the delivery of their vision for the future.” stated Glyn Hughes.

The next TIACA event will be the Air Cargo Forum. The event will be held in Miami, Florida, November 11-14, 2024. The event features 3 full days of exhibition and conference, networking functions and a golf tournament. Exhibition, sponsorship and advertisement opportunities are available. Registration for the golf tournament, networking functions and the event is currently open. For further information, please follow this link or contact Sandro Francini at