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The biggest crisis of the commercial aviation in our time

By Exequiel Sanhueza, May 17, 2020. In the history of humanity, the population has been plagued by various epidemics and pandemics; some with greater consequences than others, but always leaving a high percentage of mortality. Also, there have been other types of crisis, such as the oil crisis in October 1973 generated as a result of Israel's war against Egypt and Syria; the financial crisis of October 1987, the day the most important stock markets in the world collapsed; the crisis of July 1997 that produced the demise of the Asian miracle; the terrorist attacks in the United States of September 11, 2001, which changed our way of flying; and finally and most recently, the crisis of September 2008 when, [...]

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Life after the Corona

"The problem with the Corona Crisis is that the future is no longer, as it used to be." Once the virus corona crisis is over, the world will no longer be the same place as it used to be. The reasons for this are multiples. The Corona primarily influenced the fear of citizens for health and existential needs, primarily in the supply of products for everyday needs, and to protect health from corona infections.   How did countries deal with? We see that different countries in the world have varied in terms of measures to protect the spread of the virus, but more or less all countries have faced a lack of necessities for everyday needs, especially products for the [...]

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